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What we do, and why we do it.

11th Hour Consulting specializes in research, analysis, writing, editing and business communications specific to your project needs.


Let's face it. The work you do is really important to you. But you can't be everything--sometimes you need someone to come in and provide expertise and advice. Other times, you need someone to tie everything together so it reflects the "big picture". Or, maybe you need a "details guy" to get into the nitty gritty to extract themes and provide insight into different courses of action.


That's where we come in--we love to research and communicate, and we love making sense of things. 11th Hour Consulting is the 2nd set of eyes clients sometimes need to ensure they are presenting their work in the most accurate, clear and effective manner possible.


The truth is, we like the pressure. There's nothing quite like being in the 11th hour of a project, when all the pieces are coming together. Most importantly to you, the client, we produce good work, right when you need it.

A little history.






Amanda Sutton

MPA, B.A. Hon., Founder of 11th Hour Consulting


Being a writer is a funny thing. For many of us, the path to our profession hasn't been direct. I always enjoyed writing and found it easy to express my own ideas in words, and helping other people put the right words to their thoughts was natural for me.

As luck--or fate--would have it, many freelancing jobs seemed to find me in my early years. I was able to dabble in research and writing while I explored (many) other academic and professional arenas. I completed an Undergraduate Honours degree in Psychology and a Masters of Public Administration with a specialization in policy analysis.


During my academic and professional career, I worked with a number of dynamic, innovative, and accomplished individuals. Those relationships and the experience I gained developed me into somewhat of a career gypsy--the desire to learn as much as possible about as many subjects as I could is the reason I created 11th Hour. I work hard to add value to my clients' projects, and my own curiosity is continually fed along the way.


Today, I'm fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients to turn their business plans and outcomes into clearly communicated material. I also work with academics and students to help them discover and develop their own writing voices. And I'll never turn down an opportunity to do creative writing.


Getting lost in research, and learning something new along the way, is one of my passions. Each person I work with introduces me to a new topic or perspective, and invites me into their world, which enriches mine.


I was raised on a farm in south-east Saskatchewan, and have lived in both cities and small towns as an adult. I have a cast of interesting characters in my life; my husband Neil, our two young sons and two opinionated cats, and piles of books--all inspire and motivate me daily.


I'm always interested to hear about the research, analysis and communications needs of other academics and professionals.  If you'd like to discuss a project or touch base about topics of interest, I can be contacted at amanda@eleventhhourconsulting.com


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