11th Hour Consulting specializes in determining how to accomplish your goals by aligning our talents with your needs. It's our job to identify how to apply our services in creative ways, all you have to do is tell us where you are now, and where you want to be. We'll do the rest.

Our clientele is diverse--and so are their projects. We serve academics, business owners, not-for-profits, governments, agencies and institutions, all of which have unique timelines, needs and preferences. Through research and analysis, we identify risks and opportunities, extract themes and recognize relationships--providing you with the greatest degree of knowledge arms you to make project and business decisions effectively. Our communications services allow you to focus on conducting your business while we ensure the right message is created for the right people.

Areas of Expertise

With experience in public administration, policy analysis, qualitative research and analysis, government processes and programs, occupational health and safety, psychology and mental health, blogging and creative writing, it's likely we share some interests.


Aren't sure if or how your business needs can be met with our services? Contact us so we can discuss your needs--we'll suggest a course of action, or refer you to someone we think could be a good fit for your project.


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