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"Amanda is extremely reliable, both in terms of the quality of work she produces and in meeting deadlines. She has confidently and creatively handled various types of writing projects, and is always a pleasure to collaborate with."- Tricia Radison, Big Secret Creative Inc.


"Amanda is a skilled and avid researcher and writer. She is very well organized and performs well under time pressure, always maintaining the quality of her work. She is committed to the integrity of a project and to upholding professional standards. Working with her is easy. She communicates well, is trustworthy and learns quickly. At each stage of research and writing Amanda generates clear and impressive work." - Dr. Angelina Baydala


"Amanda's skills in research, analysis and editing have been of great benefit. The work she does is always timely, professional, and thorough, and satisfies the needs of the project. I'll continue to use her services in the future, and highly recommend 11th Hour Consulting"  - S. Driscoll (client since 2011)

Amanda is a professional level member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada


 Cultural Healing and Belief Systems

Edited by J. Pappas, W. Smythe, & A. Baydala         


Contribution: chapter co-author

Healing from Addiction with Yoga therapy and Alcoholics Anonymous (Baydala, A. & Gorchynski, A.*)
*Published under Gorchynski

Cultural Healing and Belief Systems explores belief systems and traditional healing practices from psychological, religious, spiritual, and cultural perspectives. 

Past and Current Clients and Projects


- Information Services Corporation (ISC)

- Parkland College

- Tricia Radison Communications



Through FinalEyes Communications:

- Caritas Foundation

- Edmonton Public School District


- Human Resources Alberta

- Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta (in association with MNP)

- Fahlman Communications / TOG Systems

- Tourism Saskatchewan (in association with Phoenix Marketing Group)


- Academic writing and editing associated with undergraduate and graduate programs in Canada

and abroad



Samples of advertorials, articles, marketing and other work are made available to interested potential clients. Simply contact Amanda to discuss your project and we'll match you with some examples of past work that might interest you.